SEO Services

Everyone is looking for The Best SEO company that offers transparency and Gives Full Accountability.
These are the specialties and Expectations of LeadPlay’s SEO Services.

One of the essential keys to attaining your business goals is to optimize your online presence to reach your target audience through search engines. With billions of web pages out there and likely thousands of companies competing for your same audience, understanding SEO and your specific position in the market can be critical to helping customers find you or your content/message. SEO doesn’t and should NOT come in a one-size-fits-all package. Packages simply don’t work. Read that again.
SEO needs to be tailored to your specific needs and goals. How do you know if you’re making headway if you don’t set specific key performance indicators (KPIs) ahead of time? What do you consider a win? The strategists at LeadPlay can help you decide these important success factors and what the path looks like for you, specifically, to reach them.

Here’s Why You’ll Love Working With LeadPlay On Your SEO Campaign

What is it that makes LeadPlay stand out in the ocean full of SEO companies? How do you know if you’re talking to the best SEO company for your needs? How do you know the difference between LeadPlay and other SEO companies?
Why has company after company (100’s) chosen to hire us and keep us around?

Take a look at the top 6 notable reasons why SEO services from LeadPlay will outperform your current SEO company below:

Higher Search Engine Rankings

It’s great to see you work hard for good rankings by doing your research, writing compelling content, and then promoting it. It’s even better when we achieve it. Breaking the top 100 positions is a tiny accomplishment, however, jumping up the 1st page (even the top of the 1st page) is much more challenging to do. Working on the right activities at the right time will produce “top of Google” results. If rankings are the most important thing for you to track, we can make that a reality. Putting together the right SEO strategy and executing that strategy will impact when, where, and how high you rank in both Google, Bing, and other search engines. We do that!!

Long Term Effect

A ploy that many companies can quickly achieve is a quick bump in rankings. However, sustaining those rankings long-term is the real feat. You’ll find that we’re focused on bringing in new traffic and helping it to convert at higher rates than you might have been able to achieve before. We lay out a strategy for you to show you what specific SEO tasks will produce results and keep them long-term. Our SEO strategies are meant to integrate with your entire marketing plan and long-term goals. Strategies put into place by LeadPlay don’t just last days or weeks, rather, more like months and years! Every. Single. Time.

Highly Experienced Staff

Many of our employees have over ten years (15 in some cases) of experience in the digital marketing and search engine optimization industry. We have experience in working with many big names, fortune 500 companies, mid-sized businesses, and small start-ups. We’ve seen it all, and nothing is new (honestly). We’ve been around the block. Extensive experience in SEO means that nobody is our guinea pig – we’ve already done it. After some situation assessment, we can fully understand our path forward to meeting your business goals. Our specialties consist of SEO, PPC, and SMM, to asset creation and content development. You get nothing but experience and knowledge, without all the beginner’s mistakes from our team.

Transparency & Accountability

Where is your money going? How is your SEO budget being used? What did you get with the budget you’ve just invested in your SEO campaign? You want to know what’s going on at all times. We get it. We want you to know too. We encourage you to drop us a line or pick up the phone and talk. We’re always prepared to give you the straight answer every time — none of this fluffy talk. In fact, communication is so important, that we have set a rule to communicate with you at least 2x per month by phone. We’ve grown prideful of our mantra that “Honesty is the ONLY policy.” We want you to know and appreciate the actual work that happens to help you achieve your online marketing goals. Providing detailed reports helps you to see the inner workings of our team and what they result in. It might make you feel a sense of peace knowing that you have someone working for you, know really knows the best SEO strategies, and you don’t have to do much 🙂

Cutting Edge Tools

You can’t track and improve what you don’t measure in the first place. Knowing what kind of increases you see from our SEO strategies helps us to know how to stay on track with the right SEO activities. Tools are there to help make the job more effective. We utilize these tools to help us gather data and make better decisions moving forward. Tools can be anything from our many software subscriptions to keyword tracking and reporting software – including Google Analytics. Some of our tools cost several hundred or even a thousand dollars a month. Using LeadPlay is like getting the suite of the top SEO tools on the market at your disposal. We want to be informed from all angles and we want to be able to inform you. Cutting-edge SEO tools help us make that possible.

Client Support & Communication

The biggest complaint we hear from potential clients is that they are so frustrated with their current/former SEO company because of the lack of communication and expectations. There’s little to no dialog, or it took days to respond to simple questions. They weren’t able to get anyone on the phone, and when they did, it was all about, “We’ll get back to you.” We feel like this is a top priority for LeadPlay. You want to know how your budget is being utilized and how it benefits you. Making sure you know the ins and outs of our job are helpful for both you and us. We don’t keep you in the dark!